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Born in Liverpool 1954. Lived and schooled in Northwood, Kirkby on Merseyside. I Left school at 15 with no O or A levels, but later in life got a spirit level, which blew them all out of the water. My working life started the day after I left school. Plenty of work around meant I was spoiled for choice and after a few dead end low paying jobs I joined the Merchant Navy. By the time I was 20 I'd covered most of the world and came shore side to work as a REME workshop engineer for MOD working on military vehicles and equipment. I progressed into general maintenance engineering working for a welding company covering large industrial plants in UK then moved into transport refrigeration progressing from this to cover domestic, industrial, licensed trade and everything in between until I retired. A stint in between refrigeration as self employed alarms and security systems engineer was more experiential and enjoyable than financially rewarding, but it was a welcomed break. I made up for my lack of formal qualifications with plenty of occupational and City and Guilds certs covering electronics, radio, alarms and security, advanced IT, refrigeration, electrical, plumbing with self taught skills in building, carpentry and a host of other stuff so I never had to employ tradesmen, which did my wallet good.

I started playing guitar at 10 and played in a few bands, but concentrated on a home and family rather than full time music. Once the kids had grown into two top class human beings and whilst still working in refrigeration, I built a home recording studio and produced 8 albums, which are available for free download with the option to donate directly to Zoe's Place children's hospice if you wish. I wrote and self published two books, bought and sold a few houses (homes) and settled, for now, in Huyton on Merseyside. Nothing spectacular then. 

Welcome to this blog. I’m moving material from my website at jobopooks.co.uk over to here due to browser overkill regarding secure site issues. My website is free hosted on byethost but unfortunately, most browsers now are blocking bog standard http sites in favour of https ones with no warnings or choices to make your own mind up about viewing or not, they simply block them, marking them as super dangerous. As for byethost, they don't put secure hosting on free sites so they're pretty much useless apart from people who know and trust them... More control and fear mongering is all this is about.

 I fully understand the importance of security with commercial sites etc but the vast majority are just people with something to say regarding personal/family stuff or social comment and these sites are being penalised. Please be assured, my website is safe to view and contains no malicious code. It does not link to or contain links that would steal your personal information. I do not sell directly from this website and request no personal information. Please feel free to use any online website checker. Example: https://sitecheck.sucuri.net/results/Jobopooks.byethost4.com

That said, My blog here contains my Music and 8 albums, which are free to download along with the CD artwork. There are 2 books, one of which has a 75,000 word free download... Django Zoon-The Straightener; a novel and Wolf Cries Man; a spiritual text. Both are currently available on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk. There's The ramblings of Mr. Nobody; a current affairs social comment section that includes updates of the Reiner Fuellmich ICIC, dealing with the covid hoax and crimes against humanity. There is also an Archives section of posts from previous websites of mine, which has many broken links that no longer exist but the body of work may be of interest to some. Ponders is a page dedicated to quotes of mine from the start of my journey on The Net to present. The Free British Army is an online fictional novel about a world in fumigation, written as I go along and finally, The Observer; A spiritual text as an introduction to the book, Wolf Cries Man. There are many links on here that have been censored, gagged and taken down by the New World Order beast. If you see any broken links please let me know.